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There are many misconceptions about this ancient practice.
Its main objective is to create a sense of calm and inner harmony, finding awareness and achieving peace.

It is a great stress reducer and it is therefore increasing in popularity these days, in the midst of our busy schedules and demanding lives.


There are various types of meditation and it is important to find one that meets your needs and also your personality, as they require different skills and mindsets.
But it is all about MINDFULNESS and...
Going into the SILENCE.

This is the one I myself practise when I want to connect with my consciousness and receive answers to some specific questions.


Originates from Buddhism and is the most popular technique in the West.
During this meditation, you pay attention to your thoughts passing through your mind, without becoming involved with them. It will require concentration and awareness, and can be easily practised alone – at home or in nature.

Also, it doesn´t require sitting or any particular position, but can be done while walking, dancing or doing Taichi, for example – suit yourself!


This is a very popular method for focussing on goals and manifestation. It doesn’t involve any mantras. Only some imagination and a pure intent, and the use of the five senses.
I also use this method on a regular basis!

For those who find it difficult to meditate, there are some useful guided meditations on youtube for this, but one must be aware and cautious of unwanted subliminal messages! In which case, it is advisable to record your own voice.


Performed at different levels of consciousness (alpha or theta waves) and used to clarify our thoughts, find answers to questions and solutions to problems etc.

I myself like to use the theta waves for some deep healing, and other specific purposes.

Note: Meditation that requires altered states of consciousness, eg Spiritual, Mantra, Transcendental meditation etc. all involve using mantras, reciting certain words or phrases, prayers, etc. while revering a certain deity – inadvertently surrendering power and leaving yourself open to outside influences - which may, or may not be benevolent.

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