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To Conform, Or Not To Conform?

Original thought is – and has always been – at a premium.

There are a great number of people who can improve upon an original idea but, those who have original concepts, are a rarity.

Strangely though, those who are geniuses are often thought by their peers to be weirdoes - or something less polite! – even though they are at the core of the advancement of civilization.
This attitude doesn´t only apply to geniuses, but to everyday people, in everyday circumstances.

For example: in the time when seemingly everybody smoked, someone who did not was considered a weirdo.

In militaristic times, short hair was the norm for a male, and those with long hair were weirdoes.

There are many other examples of this human desire for conformity.

Above everything else, the individual must conform with the masses, (in both thought, and action) even though it is well known that individual thought is the holy grail.

Bob Dylan wrote about “one should not follow leaders”. This is something I entirely agree with!

I have never conformed with the conformist views of my family (e.g. over the age of 40, women should have short hair, and I left my country to go and live abroad and marry a “foreigner”! snooty

A Quote comes to mind: "To study, you must learn rules. To create, you must forget them!”

I´d like to hear the opinion of other non-conformists?conversing

teddybear daisy
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