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Remember the Carnivals when you were a kid?

I remember seeing a normally desolate field transformed in one day to a place FULL of flashing lights, the smell of caramel corn, hot dogs, games, rides, funky music, and maybe even a magic show! Right? Well, Folks......we're still there..........The lights are made to mesmerize, the food is full of glyphosates that cause Cancer, the music is full of subliminal programming (such a self-proclaimed Satanist - Katy Perry who has openly admitted on two different Interviews that she follows the Dark Side - look at her videos!!!), and the "Shows" are meant to lull you into a dull-minded stupor............all for the sake of Profit and control...
What can we do? Realize that the media is FULLY OWNED by the Dark Side will tell you NOTHING of the truth! (see earlier Blogs RIGHT HERE!) Their JOB is to keep you hating others - of a different Political view; of a different color of skin. etc. while the Dark Side make TONS of Profit on YOUR SUFFERING! And these people are NOT just one Political Party - to believe that is simplistic. "They" are a multinational Group of Businessmen whose ONLY agenda is to keep you stupid, and gullible. Take your Power back!!!!!!!!!! BE AWARE! Do your own research! Don't hide your head in the sand and think the "Carnival" will take care of you. The more of us that WAKE UP the harder it will be for the Dark to keep control. It is TIME TO REMOVE THEIR POWER FOR GOOD!
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