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Why I lose my temper

I really should stay away from here, this place just makes me too angry. Stupidity and dishonesty are two of the worst things for making me angry, and there is an abundance of both here lately.

The dishonesty is in the videos and articles that get posted. Most of what is in them is shameless distortion of facts, and very often outright lies. The fact that they are dishonest is bad enough, but many are downright dangerous, or they would be if enough people believed them. To encourage people to ignore official rules and guidelines in the present situation is malicious. Encouraging people to act politically, prompted by lies and propaganda is malicious. Trying to frighten people into believing over religious fantasy with the threat of Hell and the Devil is malicious.

The stupidity is in the idiots who believe all this crap. They actually think they are being smart; can you believe that! They think they are one jump ahead of the government, the establishment, the mainstream media, the NWO. The morons are swallowing it all, hook, line and sinker. Who do they think is behind all this “truth” they are being given? What do they really know about these people who are “enlightening” them? What logical reason do they have to put even the slightest trust in them? Just because they are sceptical of officialdom, they seem to think that absolutely any information that confirms their suspicions must be the gospel truth, no matter how implausible or absurd it may be. They end up beating their chests and crowing about not being suckers, while all the while they are being exploited and manipulated by people far worse than their governments.

All this, on top of my having to go back to work on Tuesday, is simply too much. crying
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