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Today from Bloomberg


If a leader has a weakness, the coronavirus is finding it.
Worldwide, the price of putting power and politics ahead of health has been catastrophic: The global death toll is more than 335,000.

In China, it revealed a damaging addiction to secrecy on the part of President Xi Jinping and local officials.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s blustering approach to policy endangered British lives and nearly cost him his own.

And President Donald Trump’s months of false statements and failed efforts to produce a working test left America defenseless to the pathogen. The slowness of the U.S. response may have cost more than 50,000 American lives. Anti-malaria drugs Trump keeps touting as a treatment for Covid-19 not only don’t work, but can kill those who use it, a new study showed.

Americans who have been stuck at home for two months seem resigned to participating in a dangerous experiment starting this weekend, with all 50 states open at least in part. As the outbreak drags on, social-distancing rules are evolving based on changing knowledge. With a vaccine months or years away, a second wave of infection and death is likely.

Unless child care centers reopen, many people wont be able to return to work regardless of whether other restrictions are lifted.

African Americans overwhelmingly disapprove of Trump, who has a long history of racially offensive remarks and policy positions.

The University of Oxford and AstraZeneca are recruiting more than 10,000 subjects for advanced human studies of one of the world’s fastest-moving vaccine programs.
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