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i didn't feel like a Palm anymore

life is change. it seems like having the ability to control, yet going out of control and the new lack of control has made me feel more control? i didn't feel like it was all on me, before Covid. now, with the Red zones and scarce product, i feel my defenses going up. maybe up for a fight.

i thought i'd change my name to go with the new chapter. finding an unused user name is no easy task. i selected a word from my past. i'm very sentimental. i never heard of the word until i boarded my horse at a training center. my friend, the owner was showing me a Quarterhorse stud. he was a new pupil. his name was Skip, short for some crazy combination of dam and sire. he was a big, sorrel boy with blue eyes. there must have been some Paint in him.

anyways, my friend told me he was a cryptorchid, one of his testicles hadn't descended. i thought, what an unusual and beautiful word. it doesn't sound like what it is. this condition didn't prevent him from being bred. he sired at least one. i've thought about that word for over 20 years.
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