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Fear For Profit And Other Reasons

Amongst all the emotions, Fear has the lowest vibration. It puts us in the “survival” mode in which we give all our power away.hole

At the moment, fear has become the latest hot commodity. Every newspaper, radio, TV station has the new virus at the fore, and this site has followed suit.

On one hand, the media tells us that this new virus is only a mild form of flu and only the elderly, or those with serious medical problems, should have any concern.

On the other hand, they are promoting mass panic, leading us to believe that there will soon be bodies lying in the streets.
Obviously, both cannot be true – it is one or the other – but, both can be preyed on. roll eyes

Prior to this new fad, it was all Trump, Brexit, Global Warming, Terrorism.... which has now become yesterday´s news.

After this, what will be next? Some prophet will no doubt tell us. uh oh
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