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First Blog: 01 Conflagration- Perfection is not human.

First time I'm writing this stuff on here. Anyway I just need a place to brainstorming my head, my thoughts and my anger toward things I couldn't handle it. I posted some poems here also, you can check it on my profile.

Yeah I used to write daily in my journal. I make and creating poems, quotes and story. My first book will launch soon in my country, FOUR PIECES and it used Bahasa not English. I'm writing the second one with English and hopefully I could share some of it here.

I have duties at work. Also an arrogant Boss. My job is fine but it has lot of pressure. Sometimes I'm stuck and I can't handle my emotions towards people around me because Boss have a trust issues and He wants me to be as perfect as he wanted me too. Well, I'm only human, I am not God and it's burdened me sometimes. Not sometimes but a lots. Perfection is not human and I hate it. I hate being that person everyday.

So, here's the thing about work and my circumstances:
When you've tried being nice, no bad intention,and just showing some respect and teamwork , hell etc heaven knows what I've done for, then suddenly they threw sh*t right back to you. Like---, wth? Then you started questioning and doubting yourself what on earth happened with me?
It is me or it's just in my head?
OR--- I'm too crazy to be a part of them? Then who's the one to blame?
Most of the time I've done my best and that's what I've got? Is it fair enough?

Enlighten me because I started to hate that If you know what I meant.
As a leader I think You should have known and aware about everything that had happened in your workplace and stop blaming someone else. Because there're lots of conflagration in your space but you've been busy pleasing someone else's problem instead of taking good care of your team.
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