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Marshall Fridge...

I was at a clients house measuring for a kitchen and looked into his patio bar to see a Marshall guitar amplifier. It was a small unit with different proportions than I've seen before, I asked how many watts and he said it's not an amp, it's a refrigerator!
With a little research, I found out a Canadian company is making mini refrigerators where the door looks like a Marshall, complete with switches, knobs, plastic corners black grille, white piping and the ever recognizable Marshall logo.

I suppose if I had $500 burning a hole in my pocket I could order one. That way when I'm entertaining friends and the big game is playing on the wide screen 4K TV, they could reach around for a cold one.
The reality is, I'm not into football or beer, so I guess that Marshall Fridge will have to end up somewhere else.

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