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Why The Democrats Are Still Trying To Smear President Trump When They Know They've Already Lost 2020

Mind you I'm not talking about the social media dummies who actually believe they have not already lost the 2020 presidential election. It's no surprise that they continue down the same losing road. They are just stupid. No, I am talking about the party power brokers. The question keeps coming up as to why after losing over and over again to President Trump, being beaten by him like a rented mule, and seeing that every time they try to smear him with a new scam he comes back even stronger... why they heck would they continue down the same losing road. Are they masochists?

I can think of only one logical explanation. They've know for a long time now that with no platform, no candidates and no sane ideas, they don't have a snowball's chance in hell of beating a president who is filled with great ideas, keeping his campaign promises more than any president in history, and getting the ball in the basket on every front from the economy to national security to foreign affairs. They have long since stopped trying to compete with that. You can't run on raising taxes to provide free sex change operations for illegals and seriously expect to get anywhere.

So why do they persist? It's not about the presidency anymore. They know they lost. It's about the Senate. They know that if they can somehow take the Senate, they can prevent President Trump from doing anything at all in his next 4 years in the White House. If you think they are obstructionists now, with both the House and Senate in their pockets they would redefine what that means. They will shut down Washington for 4 years in a row, like they are trying to do now with mixed success. It's the only thing they are good at and the only thing they have left.
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