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Today's out of house experience

Today I got shot from a blonde woman.
I'm not kidding.

She took aim and got me right in the arm without warning. help
She was quite pleased with her results. devil

No, it wasn't a warning shot.
She was out for the kill.

Yep. Hopefully that flu shot will help kill any of those nasty flu causing microbes. grin
Time will tell. I've had the flu twice in my life. I assure you, that it is not fun. thumbs down

Although it was our first snow of the season, I decided to walk a mile to a local pharmacy to get that flu shot.
Since softball season is over, I like to walk wherever I can, even when it snows, like it did today.

While I was waiting for my flu shot, there were 2 small children waiting for something else with their
father. So, I sat in the only other seat, which was next to them.
So, I started talking with the kids, who were next to me.
I asked them what they wanted for XMas.and said that maybe Santa was listening.
With that I sent a wink to their father, who smiled.

One of the kids asked me what the booth next to the seats was for.
I read a sign that stated it was for flu shots. So, I told them so.
When the med tech asked me to step into the booth and take off enough clothes to expose my
I looked at them and said, Oh my gosh. I have lots of layers of clothes to take off.

So, while I was in the booth taking off a long coat, a sweater, a sweatshirt, and shirt (but not the T-shirt),
the kids were peeking around the corner of the booth, saying "I see you".
So, I made like I was a monster (or bear) and growled loudly, while reaching out with my arm and acting like I was going to grab one of them, even though they were at least 10 feet from me and I was making the grabbing motion with my hands 3 feet higher than their heads.
That got the kids giggling. Then the med tech entered the booth and shot me.....with the needle.
I didn't even feel it. Perhaps the cold air helped desensitize my skin. dunno
By the time I got re-dressed with all those layers, the kids & their father were gone.
It was fun to get them giggling. It was also fun playfully flirting a bit with the lovely 20-something cashier.
I got her laughing too. She was telling me how much she hates winter. We were going back & forth with different aspect that aren't fun. One reply of mine was "shoveling" and she laughed and said, "well my boyfriend does that". I replied "lucky girl....don't break up with him.....well, at least not until winter is done.....then we can have an affair". laugh For some reason dunno she asked me 3 separate time what my birthdate was. The second time she did, I pointed out that it was the second time and then asked, "are you planning to get me a gift ?" laugh The third time she did it, I said, "OK, now you definitely owe me a gift". She laughed. Later right before I left, i went back to the cashier and said, "I'll see you on (insert my birthday here) get my gift ! " applause laugh
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