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Internet security and privacy is my speciality.

I spent 4 years in an internet forum learning about internet security and privacy, learning where to get all the best apps and programs for free, I have a media player that can play virtually any format, I also learned a lot about becoming invisible on the internet and doing some things that are regarded as illegal, a good VPN is important especially on sites like facebook because hackers are rife on there, a good VPN is also very good for preventing hackers from getting into your computer, mine gives out a false IP address, I have a paid for version of a good antivirus too, one that I didn't pay for, not trying to brag here but I thought it very important to stay safe on the internet at the time I started learning all this stuff, and I truly beleive I couldn't have been more right about that, the importance of keeping certain files stored on a flash drive is also of major importance, especially in the event of being hacked, gives you the option of being able to replace lost files on your computer after being hacked and the hackers simply can't get at it because it's stored on a flash drive not conected to your computer.
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