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who will be in the left side of Jesus and who in the right side?

Those christians who seems to believe in Jesus but disobey his commandments,will be in the left side,
And Jesus will say to them: i don,t know you,depart from Me!And they will be so disappointed,
they are the wolves in sheep clothings!
But those who obey commandments of God,they will be in the right side of Jesus and Jesus will love them.
So there are two greatest commandments to obey:1.Love God with all heart,with all mind ,with all spirit,
and with all strength.2.Love your neighbours as yourself.neighbours are people you see daily.
And then are ten commandments in exodus 20:2-17.
So those who obey commandments will be saved.
Those christians who don,t obey the commandments,they seem to believe in Jesus, but is false their believes without obeying commandments.
They are the false prophets who do against truth of God and against men,they let people not to go in heaven with their teachings that says to not obey the law and commandments!
So wake up and don,t be misleaded and deceived from their teachings!
nice day.
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