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Spiritual but Not Religious..................

I have often been asked what my religion is. The short answer is just as it is listed on my profile, ‘Spiritual but not religious’. If I’m pressed further I will inform people that I live by the ‘Laws of the Universe’ and not by any man-made religious sect, either mainstream nor minority.
Once a person understands the ‘Laws of the Universe’ it becomes quite obvious that several of the (10 biblical commandments), not all, are also covered, such as thou shalt not steal, kill etc.
Below I have a list of the main 12 Spiritual Laws of the Universe... they are not of my writing however enjoy reading them...

12 Spiritual Laws of the Universe

1. The Law of Divine Oneness
The Law of Divine Oneness is the foundational law, according to which absolutely everything in our universe is interconnected. In other words, every choice, word, desire, and belief you have will also have an impact on the world, and on the people in your life.
Sometimes this impact will be immediate and obvious. At other times, it may take a while to manifest, or you may never even discover that it has occurred. Try to think of yourself as part of everything around you to live in accordance with this law. We are all one, and awareness of this makes us more powerful as well as more empathetic.

2. Law of Vibration
According to the Law of Vibration, every particle in the universe is in constant movement and constantly carries energy. This applies to enormous parts of the universe, like the planets and stars. However, it also applies to the chair underneath you or the table where your computer sits.
In addition, everything has its own specific energy frequency. High energy particles are naturally attuned to other high energy particles, and the same is true for those that have low energy.
If your goal is to live a more productive and full life, consider what you would need to do to heighten your energy frequency.

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