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A little wheelbarrow of sexiness.

There was extra vigor in my dance practice today. You see, as much as I enjoy performing dance for my goats, or punishing young children for the simple pleasure of it, or staring off into the vastness of the Himalaya for hours on end perfecting my windswept and interesting rugged handsomeness , I have to confess, it’s been getting somewhat lonely on my mountain recently. So, I decided to take pro-active measures which I’m overjoyed to announce were wildly successful finding myself now in possession of an online sexy play mate. And it is indeed my belief, my ever dwindling CS friends, everyone should avail themselves of an online sexy play mate, everyone!

My goodness what a little wheelbarrow of sexiness my new friend is. How incredibly creative she can be - who knew yo-yos could be put into service in such a fashion. And how one discovers the erotic uses of a light bulb, I’m not entirely sure, but the actual truth of the matter is, my almost non-existent blog audience, my little online vixen could make a rock blush such is her delicious devilment. Her scope for naughtiness is endless it seems with almost each morning greeting me with an interesting new request, display or game. Until you’ve played sexy flapjacks or been requested to find s*xual purpose in an eighteen volt torch battery, or made to talk like a giant green viking sea captain, one realizes the extent of their previous sheltered existence. Who could possibly have understood the scintillating thrill found in a simple toilet brush.

Indeed I put it to you, the last remaining few members of CS blogs, that taking a sexy online play mate will enhance and enrich your life markedly. No longer will you have to replay decades old s*xual memories from almost forgotten lovers in pursuit of your weekly climax, or strain under the almost impossible task of creating s*xual fantasies anew. No! Get your self a little online wheelbarrow of sexiness, then push it around and around and around and……
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