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I want to blog, but

I don't know what to blog about.

There are 3 more Star Trek TV shows coming. Piccard is supposed to be the next one. About the man's adventures after he retires from Star Fleet. Star Trek Discovery, Season 3 after Piccard season 1 ends. Then Section 31 will get it's own series (Yay! Section 31 is so cool, time traveling assassins or medlers. The dark side of maintaining an Empire or a Federation.) All 3 are filming now. Also coming are 'Short Treks' Little one hour stand alone episodes about life in the Federation. Tribbles are coming back. AND carnivorous Tribbles you really don't want breeding on your star ship.

I have / had an acquaintance of 25 years. A guy named Ricky. In the mid 1990s I acquired some rental townhouses in the nearby town and joined their HOA and somehow soon became the President. Ricky's mom owned one of the townhouses in the development. She died and then Ricky owned it. He was a poly abusing drunk. Heroin, cocaine, meth, etc. I received complaints about him at least once a month. Noise, sleeping nude on the porch, excessive traffic coming and going, all the fun stuff. Plus frequent lateness regarding quarterly assessments. I had to deal with him a lot. Poor Ricky couldn't hold a job so when sober he did odd jobs. Mowing for neighbors, tree cutting, roofing repairs, clearing stopped up toilets for folks who would rather pay Ricky a few gallons of gasoline than hire a licensed plumber, etc. Most of it in the community. Ricky spent a lot of his Sundays in the local jail for being drunk in public on Saturdays, etc. His wife found someone sober and departed with his kid. Eventually someone got him into a program. It took a decade but Ricky eventually dried out and changed his ways. There was a lumber company and they hired him a lot to fell big trees on a property they had in Maryland. Also a local privately owned recreational park had him on their staff part time, picking up trash, directing visitors, collecting gate fees, etc. Small town and we had acquaintances and friends in common. When Ricky had gotten straight and I was no longer an HOA member (having sold those properties after my wife deceased) I ran into Ricky a few times on social occasions. I won't say we were good friends, but we were friendly. He was actually a nice guy and a lot of folks liked him. Two weeks ago after cutting down some large poplars they were stacked for shipping. While everyone was waiting for the crane to arrive Ricky decided to trim the branches sticking out from one of them. He had almost 40 years of experience. He warned the rest of the crew to stay back in case the logs rolled. Then he started cutting. A witness told me suddenly something moved and they yelled to Ricky but at first he couldn't hear them over the saw noise. Then he must have noticed it too because he turned to run, then turned back to pick up the saw before starting away. Then he stumbled and 3 16,000 pound logs rolled over him and death was virtually instantaneous. John told me, if he hadn't gone back for the saw I think he would have made it.
We held the memorial last Saturday. Cremated of course. John described him as looking like a tree frog someone had stomped with a boot. Ugh. Definitely nothing for an open coffin. There was no Workmen's Compensation payment because poor Ricky was a 1099 contract employee. The lumber company paid for Ricky's body to be transported down from the Baltimore ME office and the cremation and also the service as his now grown son has his own issues and no money for such things. About 200 people attended the half hour service (yes, me too). We did a small collection for the son. Some folks I knew, some I didn't. Ricky was the common thread. He had no Internet presence, so the photos for the service were kind of few, maybe 5 or 6 covering 30 years. I stood there looking at the little wooden box containing his ashes and wondered about our place in life.
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