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f*ck Flakes (rant)

I am 30 years old, my peers suck! Seriously, how many damn dates do I have to get my hopes up for just to find myself confronted with either extreme flakiness or manipulative women?

Don't get me wrong, I'm not shitting on women specifically, I just find my generation to be seemingly shitty in general. No loyalty, pride, honesty, or even an ability to communicate.

This crap messed me up for a long time, I thought it was me, I thought there was something wrong. Fortunately, there is so many times you can blame yourself for being lied to or manipulated before you realize the only thing you're to blame for is allowing them to do that shit in the first place.

I don't want pity, obviously, I just want to say that there seems to be a fundamental issue with my generation and it greatly saddens me. Principals and virtues don't seem to matter anymore, all that matters is selfies, gadgets and who has the worst case of goddamn anxiety. Damn disheartening!
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