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It has been over one month now and only gone on two dates. It is funny as people are only interested in v-chat and phone call or text like crazy! I am old fashioned as I only believe to meeting face to face! Before meeting anyone, they are just illusion. I find most of people like to compare how long have you been on the site or how many dates you have been? I think this is slowest site ever. Within this dating rate, not like in the past, I could meet three per day. I guess people tend to want to get passing those five second rules! So far I might have 10 per day just said hello! 2 or 3 will continue writing back and forth! I just thought if we could partner for love, share the information, we may help each other to find that special someone. It is okay for rejection or being friends if somehow never work out. Move to the next one as billion people in the world, you would have met someone soon or later! There are no rules about meeting anyone, but I think only two people who meet can make that choice. Sometimes I may not always respond that depend on the topic that he made. I always read through each profile before I reply! If the guy can't share enough information, I may just ask more question. If the guy has shared enough information, somehow I don't think we matched; I may or may not reply. I think it is important to read my profile before writing to me, otherwise, why do you need to write profile the first place! It is called respect unless you never did put your mind into your own profile. I don't like people ask me to repeat what I do as I already said that in my profile. Don't they READ! For me, no matter how much we share on the screen, I still prefer that five second meeting! Are you ready Partner for Love!? It is okay if we don't match, but at least we both offer a chance!
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