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Can Democrats be trusted to govern this country ????


The Democrats that would be charged with governing the nation has, for the past three and a half years, marginalized, physically confronted and repeatedly accused 63 million Americans who voted for Donald Trump of being not only racists but fascists and white supremacists, as well as homophobic, xenophobic and among the most vile people on the face of the earth. What will be their intentions for these rightfully incensed citizens? Ignore them and hope they go away (which they will not)? Or succumb to their base in order to stay in power and continue to vilify nearly half of the voters in 2020, thus potentially fomenting serious ongoing confrontations and retaliation.

Over the years 154 million fundamentalist, evangelical or Catholic Christians have been denigrated, mocked and pilloried for their beliefs as religious liberty is under continual assault by the Left and the Democratic Party. What can this segment of society look forward to under a government committed to promoting unfettered abortion and infanticide as well as a determination to purge society of its basic Judeo-Christian foundation? It is almost certain that the hierarchy of the party, in order to placate their base, will continue, by litigation, administrative decrees, and intimidation, to force their secularism on the nation. How will they respond to what will be increasing anger and resentment by 48% of the population?

In a nation of 330 million people there will always be those who will commit mass murder. When and if the current iteration of the Democratic Party takes over, these occurrences will increase. The left has always blamed rhetoric and guns as the primary causation. Thus, when mass murders occur, a Democratic Party in power will have no choice but to appease their left-wing voters (the bulk of their base) and continue to ignore underlying factors such as societal breakdown and mental illness and actively focus on limiting speech and gun control.

Currently 235 million Americans either own or could see themselves owning a gun. How will the Democrats in power go about confiscating guns in a nation of 3.8 million square miles? Utilize a national registry of all gun owners? Outlaw all semi-automatic weapons? Impose onerous taxes and insurance requirements making gun ownership unaffordable? Pass open-ended red flag laws allowing virtually anyone to file a complaint against someone, ostensibly based in their suspicions, thus allowing the police to seize the guns of the accused? As for speech, will certain words, phrases and organizations, as determined by the Left, be considered inciteful and dangerous and thus outlawed? How will the Democrats deal with the inevitable resistance and potential violent pushback from upwards of 72% of the nation’s citizenry?

Once in power, the Democrats are committed to Medicare for all, reparations for African Americans, and new environmental programs amid a myriad of spending programs. The estimated average annual cost of these proposals exceeds $6 Trillion over and above current spending. At present the federal government spends $4.7 Trillion (which includes $1 Trillion of deficit spending). Income taxes account for 50% of all government revenue and Social Security and Medicare withholding account for 36%. Thus, individuals account for 86% of all revenue. In order for the Democrats to pay for these programs, revenue from individual taxpayers would have to be increased by 200%.

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