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Hundreds Of Minority American Citizens Apply For The Jobs Democrats Said Americans Don't Want

For decades the Democrats have been telling us that we need illegals to flood into America because we need them to do the jobs Americans don't want to do and to take the jobs Americans don't want to take. That was their response to the charge that by creating policies that allow poor unskilled foreigners to flood into the country, they are taking away jobs from American citizens and especially MINORITY American citizens who tend to be poor and unskilled and need those jobs to work their way up and out of poverty.

Well lo and behold. After the ICE raids in the last week or two that rounded up illegal aliens who were in America illegally and who were illegally working in businesses here, suddenly Americans -- and particularly minority Americans -- are lining up to take those very jobs that the Democrats have been claiming all along they don't want. Well what do you know...all these years the Democrats have been promoting policies that locked them out of these jobs.

And there is a second point here too. If these illegals are supposedly coming here for jobs -- as the Democrats claim -- why did every Democrat candidate for president in 2020 endorse extending welfare benefits to illegals and some -- including Bernie Sanders -- even say that you should pay increased taxes so that illegals can get their food stamps and welfare benefits? Why are the Democrats so concerned about welfare for illegals if they are, according to them, paying their own way? And why do they put the jobs of illegals ahead of the jobs of minority American citizens?

DEMOCRATS ARE FAKES, PHONIES AND FRAUDS! (and besides that they are just WRONG)
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