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A few action packed days!

Phew - I am exhausted!

Yesterday was an adrenaline fueled, extremely action packed day, where I slept in, played some video games, did some laundry and made homemade burgers for dinner (which were delicious, I might add. Not being biased, or anything). I finished my day with some more video games, a live stream and some YouTube videos.

Today is no different!

I slept in - again. I then played some more video games, and listened to some music. Then I did my dinner-shopping, which today is nachos.

I plan to make some of my World famous, award-winning meatballs, while I make the nachos. Seriously, my meatballs are THAT good, they have won an award.. Or at least in my mind, they have.

I really enjoy being home alone. It's so quiet and peaceful. No loud bass music, no PS4, no roommate and no messed up kitchen. Seriously, sometimes it looks like a bomb went off, and just covered the entire kitchen!

If you haven't noticed by now, some of this blog is extremely sarcastic. No prizes if you guess which part(s) are sarcastic.

That's all for now!
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