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Why the women in general don't prefer the poor man?

This's my third year on this website, I've corresponded a lot but got a response from a very little.
.I was not a happy man with my former marriage for vary reasons.......
But was & still looking to a suitable honest & sincere lady who I can live the rest of my life with her.
Only one lady responded me and she was 60 years old but still cannot afford an existence of a poor man in her home!! Others wants money in advance !!! As a fake and fraud attempts esp. from Africa and some from Asia!! I'm 66 and ready to leave to the right woman country as don't like to remain at my own country where poverty spreading rapidly with no serious efforts from the Government to stop it or make any solutions..I'm ready to work wherever the place is, the most important to me as not to borrow money I cannot repay...or to ask for my country there's no welfare, and a lot of people like me in my age are suffering!!
I have no objection about the lady ethnic, color, religion ...just looking for a true honest woman nothing more...I'm not looking to the external beauty of course no..I'm looking for inner beauty ...the cleaned hearts which can content a true love and sympathy...that's my aim...I've wrote this blog after being totally frustrated & depressed ...can I find my dream soulmate on this website ? I hope so teddybear love
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