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Japanese Porn

This is a story about the passion between Itoshi and Sumico , a recently married ,young couple from Fukui .Itoshi came home after being several months on a boat ,working as a fisherman .
Itoshi is knocking on the door ...knock knock knock , Sumiko opens with a big smile on her face -Konnichiwa Itoshi-san...Konnichiwa Sumiko... he grabbed her,they started kissing ,dragging each other toward the bedroom and undressing on the way...

-Oh,Itoshi -san, I need your big Kawasaki ,right now..
Sumikoooo, your Mitsubishi is leaking

%$#^%$# ayyyahhhat saykotona ,suzuki,suzuki suzuki sabotay
[email protected]!#$-panasonic,tangora mamato oh djidji ,yamamato koshingato
subaru subaru %%$%^^%$
Fujitsu ...Fujitsu...FUJITSUUUUuuu....

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