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Checklist for USA.

I know, I know.. I am still a LONG way away from actually going, but it's not too early to make a list of things I need to do and get!

So first up: Book the flight. That's the main thing. I did that. I found a good deal on Google. The trip is from Copenhagen to London with British Airways (rated 5.9/10 in 2018, making it the 17th best airline that year), and then American Airlines (Rated 6.4/10 in 2018 on, making it the best US airline) from London to Newark.

A return ticket was $348,59, making it a FANTASTIC deal. I am in basic economy, which is the cheapest ticket, which is fine. I am not really picky when it comes to seating on a flight. As long as I get there, I am happy. I might even sleep for the majority of the flight. Read more about the basic economy here

Next up on my list: Get an ESTA. ESTA stands for "Electronic System for Travel Authorization", and it's an automated system, that checks to see if I have been a bad boy regarding law enforcement, terrorism and other nasty stuff. Since I am clean, I don't see why they wouldn't approve it.

Third entry on my list: Read up on the US. Specifically how to tip, since I know it's expected of me to do so, when I visit a restaurant. I think it's 10% you leave in tips, but if that's not true, please feel free to correct me on that.

Fourth entry, and this is important: Dollars. I need money to spend whilst I am in the US. I am thinking around $1000 would be sufficient, given I am there for a week only. It gives me roughly $142 per day to spend, which should be plenty.

So far, that is all on my list. Of course I need to pack as well, but I plan to pack a carry-on bag, that will fit underneath the seat, since my ticket doesn't include an overhead bin. If I have to check a bag, that will be extra at the airport. We'll see what I do, but if I have to pack for a week, I might just shove it all into a duffelbag and put that under my seat. I will pack the day before I leave, which is still months away.

I might come up with more items on my list, when we get closer to my departure.
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