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Parable of the Blind and Deaf.

Once upon a time there were two men.

One was blind and the other was deaf and dumb.

( I am fully aware of my political incorrectness. I spare the terms visually impaired and speech and hearing impaired for real disable people with all due respect. )

Getting back to the story..

The deaf and the blind meet at a pub called CS on a daily basis for socializing.

Politics is their main topic of discussion, but their disabilities have limited them in many ways to understand the true nature of politics.

The blind man shouts from one side about the stuff he read only available with braille language made available to him by Fox.

The deaf and dumb can't hear what he says. He knows only things that had sign language translations by CNN. He vigorously argues with sign language from another corner. But the blind can't see.

Rest of the pub watch and watch and watch. ( SICK AND TIRED)

Some call for the bartender to throw them out.

Some ask them to shut up.

Most have avoided the pub altogether. (This is the sad part)

The moral of this story is.... who cares.

In honour of Biff and Harbal. I hope they will be free to blog again.

If I offended anyone I am sorry to say I am not sorry. grin
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