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stupid phone

My phone used to be so much smarter than me until it died just a bit ago. It worked in my car this morning, well it connected to the blue tooth and I was able to take a phone call from the car but when I got home I realized I couldn't call out on the phone itself.

So I posted a post on Facebook saying Friends and Family - my phone died so I'm cut off from civilization please let Mom know. Within minutes my friend that I call the Alcohol Terrorist posts a message saying she will over night a phone to me. What a friend she is. When I had the home invasion, she got there before the police and brought a man to fix the door that was kicked in. I didn't see that coming. I had already emailed my son-in-law in CA that I need to purchase a new i-phone but the new 10NR phone is over $700. I'm not too excited about paying that. He works for Apple so I can get a small discount. I'm also having a hard time NOT buying what I want with no work income anymore. I didn't realize how undisciplined I am. confused

We are having heavy rains and thunderstorms all week. I won't carry an umbrella as I rather get wet but so far I've been in and out between the many rains daily without getting caught in it. My luck will eventually run out. I won't use an umbrella but I will put on a shower cap on if I don't want my hair to get wet. I met up with someone from Plenty of Fish once in the rain, forgot I had my shower cap on and met him. I humiliated myself but we became good friends.

I've been spending a day a week cooking for my dogs. It's a shame I don't have 5 big ones any more so I could really cook up a storm to make happy big guys. I think in being single, I miss cooking for someone the most or being cooked for. Dogs fill the void easily. I have to scale down to cook for the Chi as she eats about a Tablespoon but Lucy is 14 pounds of pure hungry. Joyce (Lucy's Mom who passed recently) must have just fed her dog food and human food as an occasional treat. Lucy had to go through an adjustment learning to eat what I prepare. Bella and I ate mostly the same thing but now with the addition of Lucy - I'm actually making nutritious dog food myself. I'm happy organ meat is still not too expensive but BONES are expensive. Bone broth is so good for us too. The dogs sure love it. I cook a whole grain for them in bone broth, sweet potato, carrots and peas (Lucy pulls each pea out and sets it on the floor - Bella gobbles hers up) I run everything together through the food processor and get 5 to 7 days to feed them. I feel great that I know what they are eating because the food industry has no concern for our any health and misleads us, you can't trust anything. I fell off track. I don't seem to be bonding with Lucy yet but I think she is bonding to me. I'm very good to her but I don't have the intense feeling of love like I do for the sweet tiny Chihuahua. On a bad note Lucy is teaching Bella to bark and a tiny yapping dog makes me want to dropkick them.

It's raining hard, I enjoyed writing the blog and saying hi . Oh well Que Sera Sera .

(I'll proof read this later to edit my boners or boo boos if you will)
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