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Buying a weight loss program from a fat girl...

A generation ago Oprah came out on her season premiere show pulling a red kids wagon filled with fat. It was to demonstrate her determination to lose 67 pounds. She claimed that under medical supervision her fasting for four months is what did it for her.
As you (probably) know, over the years, the weight came back on. I say Oprah is terminally fat and I link it to diet. Lifestyle and genetics also plays a part, but the amount and type of food you ingest is a major factor in weight gain.
Years ago she invested in Weight Watchers, joined the program, lost weight and made millions. I read stocks plunged and she lost millions. I'm guessing the weight came back up and women lost interest in Weight Watchers, especially with 'O' at the helm.

In Miami, a similar thing happened with an attractive TV personality who had gained weight over the years and was seen and heard selling 'Nutra' weight loss programs. They also had other radio personalities claiming great numbers of pounds shed from using this system.
One thing they had in common... the weight came back on.
Recently, there's a new voice advertising a quick weight loss program. She's heard weekday mornings as the support for the local radio station. The slip up is people who sell weight loss programs should actually stick to their diets and not admit to weekend eating binges involving a few thousand calories at a time. It looks bad on their resume...
That's my thought and I'm sticking to it!

Logically speaking, it's easier for someone 80 pounds overweight to loose 20 pounds than someone who is 30 pounds overweight. Kinda like Jared and Subway.
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