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Human Nature

Man what an industry advertising has become. Good marketing can make you think their product is something you cannot live without. Men who love tools, well there is a tool that takes the place of 5 other tools, crafts for the creative sell things they can't live without, cleaning products that make life much easier so forth and so on. For me it is kitchen gadgets and I'm a big sucker. I bet one out of every 10 actually is something I love. 9 out of 10 were rubbish. Everyone can get appealed to by something. Escaping advertising is a bit more of a challenge. They find us everywhere, especially on line. I will guess that advertising has always been misleading, is that human nature?

I believe that journalists at one time wanted to report real news without bias. Maybe some journalists still want to but they are paid to mislead. Human nature?

Relationships at he beginning often start on misleading information although it may not always be intentional. Human nature?

War = human nature?

Human nature has a lot more evolving to do before pride can be taken in our species.

Am I in my own head or does anyone ever ponder human nature. Who is more predictable mother or human nature?
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