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How I realized, that our Universe and Humans are working like a Computer build Matrix.

Up to 36 years old, I had abandoned Religions and had fun of everybody, that was believing in anything, that was outside the ordinary life.......and to be honest, I am still a sceptic to everything,that I have not seen to have reel proof of facts.
One day 37 years ago, I saw in a News Paper an add from a very known Astrologer in Finland....and I decided to show her, that it was all just I call her, gave my birth time, but nothing else, not even my name.
Some days later I had a meeting with her, not still telling anything more, just staying quiet and let her talk.
She made a real shock for me, when she told all my life and my personality correctly.....first I got in my mind, that perhaps she had got it from somebody, that knew me, but as I knew, that I had give her only my birth time, there was no other explanation, than that she picked it all out from my Horoscope.

After that I let her check every new worker I took into my Company.....still to be very sure, I tested also these new workers with a very known consult company.....and then in one case, she gave a very good information about a worker, when the consult company told me, that I should never take that worker.
I still took that worker and when the consult company heard about it, they ask me,"why I take somebody, that they said is not good".
That worker was very quickly working himself to the best marketing person in my company and later put up an own company, that has made a big success.

Then 36 years ago, I decided to study Astrology by my self and 1 year later I figured out a very knew Astrological system.....yes, it was little like an accident, but I believe it was meant to happen as I already then was of the opinion, that normal Astrology is not working enough specific and with exact aspect contacts.
As all what is moving in our Universe has start from big Bang and when there is a widely accepted understanding, that " As above, so below " I came to the solution, that there has to be something similar like a Big Bang happening, when we are born and our life started.

And that was what i figured out and how it works separated in our self.....and again 1 year later i kept a lecture for a audience of about 150 people.....and when I stepped down after the lecture, there was quickly about 20 Women around me, not letting me move anywhere, as they forced me to give answers to questions.
It was a 2 days gathering, where many Astrologer lectured and the Radio channel was on the place too......but as I was just a new and not still known, the people from the Radio did not attend my lecture.....but half an hour later, they came to me and try to force me to make the lecture strait into the Radio, but I refused.....still they wanted me to tell, what it was all about and some 2 weeks later it was in the Radio.

Some older Astrologer start to argue, that I had no proof, that my knew system was I promise them to give it the next day.

I took 10 different people from the Audience and ask them to give me one important happening in their life and then give 3 different times when it had happened.....and my work over the night was to figure out, witch of these 3 times was the actual time, when it had happen.

The next day, I took my place in the front of about 150 people and start to tell the real times of the actual happenings.....I got 8 right of was clearly my mistake, but one was wrong, because the person then confessed, that it was the time when she heard, that her Brother had died, but that she had never accepted, that he was it could not be seen in the program either.

Every time I made the right time, a lot of people was clapping and nobody doubted anymore, they knew, that I had created something completely new, that was working.

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