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Game of Thrones, S 8 E 3 (spoilers maybe)

Am I the only one who feels cheated at the outcome of episode 3? How did she get there not noticed? Nicely done 'Mexican Border Shift' of the blade though. Gotta give them that.

The dragon fight scenes were confusing to me. Sky was too dark to see clearly. Intentional I guess but it made it hard to tell which one was which.

I was pretty sure that poor dragon was going to end up like the poor tiger on Walking Dead, but it was smarter than the tiger and knew when enough is enough.

That cold dragon seemed to be of very limited intellect. No sense of tactics. It should have just walked around the pillar and taken the guy out.

I am hoping next weeks battles will have better resolutions. I am expecting a dragon to just eat the queen's big bodyguard. I dunno maybe marshmallow roast him first?

What do you think?
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