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Mueller Report Causes Democrats To Double Down On Their Mental Seizures

Never expect facts to change anything for the Democrats.

Their strategy is the same as it always is since President Trump was elected: character assassination. A strategy that even Bernie Sanders warns them is a loser. They know that Attorney General Barr is now going after the REAL crimes, the crimes that the DEMOCRATS engaged in when they started this sham investigation against President Trump in the first place and they are IN FULL PANIC MODE. They are scattering like roaches. And, most importantly, they are trying to assassinate the character and credibility of AG Barr the same way they used lies and deceit to TRY to assassinate President Trump's character (and Justice Kavanaugh and anyone else who tries to stand in the way of their radical agenda.)

Of course their attack on AG Barr is also a FRAUD. They accuse him of being the presidents "hand picked" attorney general. Ahh hello? ... how else is the AG supposed to be picked? By a lottery? What a JOKE! Where were they when convicted perjurer Eric Holder, Obama's (hand picked) AG, boasted that he was Obama's "Wing Man?"

And where were they when Obama's second AG -- AFTER HOLDER WAS FOUND GUILTY OF PERJURY BEFORE CONGRESS -- the fraud Loretta Lynch was CAUGHT SECRETLY MEETING WITH THE HUSBAND OF THE TARGET OF THE PERSON SHE WAS SUPPOSEDLY INVESTIGATING HILLARY CLINTON? Oh that's right, they "only talked about their grandchildren."

And what about President Kennedy? He appointed his own brother to be AG! Where were the Democrats THEN?

All the Democrats agreed that William Barr was an honest, straightforward and thorough prosecutor....they all approved of him in the past when he served, that is until it is DEMOCRATS that he is now prosecuting. Democrats are FAKES, PHONIES AND FRAUDS.

I don't think the Mueller report, that ended the issue for anyone who is sane, will cause the Democrats one second's pause. No matter what the report said, they would call it a cover up. It's all an effort to appeal to their voters who have a mental problem and NEED some kind of excuse why their ideology LOST the 2016 election. They think their ideas are so superior to everyone elses' that they simply cannot understand why they were rejected except for that anyone who didn't vote for them is too stupid to understand (like a "basket of deplorables") and that they must have cheated. So the Democrat politicians keep feeding these delusions with more and more outlandish lies because that's what their voters want. They need to live in their delusional cocoon to avoid facing the reality THAT THEIR IDEAS ARE NOT WANTED.

When no one wants the ideas you are selling what is left except to try to destroy your opponent. And that is exactly what the desperate Democrats are trying (unsuccessfully) to do.

Democrat political opportunists are seizing on this new epidemic of mental illness among their deranged constituents and they are hoping to finally win something by exploiting it.

But I'll tell you this. After more than two years of the Democrats and their socialist so-called "news" media dragging the country through this scam investigation SOMEONE is going to have to pay. And I wouldn't want to be on the side of the scammers when AG Barr gets to the prosecution. The difference between his investigation and the phony investigation against President Trump is that we already have the smoking guns in AG Barr's investigation -- the fake dossier paid for by Clinton and the Democrats, the Russian connections, the fraudulently obtained warrants to spy on the Trump campaign. We ALREADY HAVE the smoking guns. Now all we need is the prosecutions. The REAL crimes are about to be revealed and those who committed them are going to finally be held accountable. The Democrats are FREAKING OUT!

In the end Democrats are hoping there are enough of these mental cases and ignorants out there to win the 2020 presidential election. And the scariest part is they may be right.
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