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Premillennial Snowflake Julian Assange......

and our enlightened USA prison system. Apparently, the Equadorians have had enough. Almost a decade of hospitality, including ceviche and lampadas, and avoiding extradition to Sweden (good) or the USA (bad), seem not to have been appreciated. Imagine that? Brits were into the Embassy to grab his arse in minutes, it's reported. We hear that whatever our intelligence folks, and state department had to do with it, the end came with his refusal to put used toilet tissues in the Crapper for flushing, expecting the poor maids to do so. The free apartment was reportedly a pig sty. Fine fellow, and perhaps a serial rapist, some say. His ungrateful press conference this week didn't help. And if the Swedes really did drop the s*xual assault charges, it means only one thing. Extradition here, and likely time in the Big House. I wonder if the wardens are sprucing things up to compete for his next free guest stay. Housing him with a big mean Brother with tendencies toward liking skinny white tail, could be the next adventure for this pathetic crumb. Mr. Wikileaks meets Missah Bubba Vaseline Can. A match made in heaven.
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