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I respect my parents but...

I feel owe them and I did have means to pay back I would and every venture I tried come up with;

hydroponics would been something pays us back and would brought us surplus, and have food like I like lobsters, and crabs but make farm fresh and grow something on farm not have to go store...and buy from supermarket would been nice(live crab or lobster). To have Fish we could kept and produced on farm and on side of that had raised lettuce/ beets, other crops...that thrived on I had idea to put in tanks...I had planned to get koi too but that is denied to me all the time so.

Cheap idea would be getting getting fun time swim pool and using that for hydro-phonics plus or minus plus tubs and drip hosing...see if this will all. We need still a medium sized green house to get this on run for my dad, green windows/shade cloth/weed fabric...and wood frame...and windows are vent opening. we need pump and bubbles machine..."

That being dead plan to me, No green house plans, putting pasture, barn removal(I estimated it take 18K), I Haven't found someone who tell me if rebuild model or price cost on that what would take remodel and rebuild to metal barn? Why I say metal barn build because, metal barn might be something outlast hail, and wind and be sturdier against gusts in general in that location. But expand so not in strange location.. barn itself should facing different location. I think if roof was flat it would work for solar? but some part me think if roof was pitched in ways that you walk on it and then see the sights that would work too. not for storing on rooftop maybe for people go up and sight seeing location. Currently barn is not condemned it more of structure needs lot work it was built in 1970's we estimate.

Now if was remodel barn I think we have to think long term we have to see how much work the pillars and foundation I think foundation needs work, I think if were remodeled two pens need to re-looked at in general to seen that we could put natural water underground so in strange if flooding by heavy rain flooding to barn ever happens to barn natural grey water will fill up and use that water as general means to usage... is my line of thinking. I was thinking...that be one reason think of.

People have barns with kitchen and some sort bath tub and I was thinking this where you have hay right that lot dust in this room your scary thinking that rats won't be here.

Other is rafters should consider spot for people living quarters....and upper deck for ultimate view zone and solar?

underground and foundation -> what has good drainage and ability to not get to damp or damage by over flooding I have yet research come up good on that.
Besides sandstone rock.

Current flooring for stalls is rubber mats...which satisfy the goats for now.

Now people think of their dads as protector and I do but just he so gotten to stage of cheapskate to level where I don't understand you could go to store get something on this on sale but you don't buy it. He tells me I being impractical...full of crap. What heck he really denier if ask me.

We could buy green house he get cheapest crappiest one in entire lot and I go dad don't even think of it. If we get something like that we leaving. One he wants get is made of metal and that type I heard failed against wind forces out where we live, someone said don't get it you have screw extra screw bolts in just to make certain the barrier stay and some roof tiles you have put different type because they shattered...I rather get the type they have redwood frame and something else...because at least I know it won't get wimpy or break, But its too late he missed getting when it was cheap...his favorite word.

Barn idea failed or flopped - he truly stuck in his ways.doh
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