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What ever Happen ?

What ever Happen to Men Treating a Lady Like the way she should be Treated ,Holding the Car door Open for her , Pulling out her Chair for her to sit down,,,Showing up at her Place with Flowers to Take Her out On a Date to a Movie or Out for a Nice meal.Or Going for a walk hand and Hand and going some place nice where you can sit and Talk and get to know one another ,,well as Far as concern that is long Gone ,,,These days all men seem to want is a Cheap Roll in the Hey ,and Talk about sex ,, No more Morals or Values left out there ,, Don;t take this the Wrong way no Prude ,But I would Like to get to Know someone First before I take the Next step. I was Brought up with Morals and Values and Taught to Respect Myself . and to act like a Lady not some Cheap Bimbo ...I know there has to be a Gentleman out there some where and I sure would Like to meet someone Like that someday .. smitten
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