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Clarify for me?

So I have old fashioned morals and principles...I cant help is who I am and yet I find myself adrift in this new weird world of dating or what I think of as dating.
A little background in order to understand, I'm nearly 50 years old. I have had 2 long term relationships both 10 years the rest of the time now I find myself wishing and wanting to share time with a man again so on a friends suggestion trying a 'dating site'. I'm at a loss to understand the mind games and untruths..when did it all become all about sex?? ok I hear you say...old fashioned...yes I am but I would like to take the time to get to know a person by personality before I jump into bed with them..oh and I'm not a Jennifer Aniston or Michelle Phiefer look alike...I'm a real woman with men really just want a play thing to be discarded when the sweet shop opens again ?? If I sound angry I dont mean to be...just want to understand so I can get off the rolller-coaster
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