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Concerning my since deleted reported blog

I confess my last few comments I posted on it were all lies hole

Not proud of myself but the person I lied about has no reason to be proud of himself either..... I'm well aware two wrongs don't make it right but heck, I am only human so by no means is this blog an apology to that person, because it is NOT.

The only purpose for this blog is to make/put right of that person I wronged....
not looking to fix anything of any sort, I think sometimes whats damaged is best left in ruins .. not all things are worth fixing.

No doubt there will be some here who may insist I am lying now ....
those such people are ones that like to see and think the worst of others, so such people are best just left alone, not worth conversing with simply because they feel big when stepping, or trying to on others.

By right I should disable this blog from comments but to do so would only defeat the purpose... so throw your stones I shan't be here to be hit by any, just back from a few days break away so I've a lot of catch up for doing, which is a far better option then sitting round waiting to be stoned.... uh oh

PS, let only he/she who is not guilty of allowing another bring out the worst in them throw the first stone.

In other words, liars are not welcome scold

Since this is my blog, only I have that privilege very happy

gotta go
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