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Pssst.... they're fake !!

Simple fact... ALL dating sites have scammers with fraudulent profiles.
Some sites have more than others and I believe it's related to management, because they don't have the staff to monitor activity. That means, all of them rely on the members to report scammers or fakes...

In a world of 'self service' they do nothing until someone tells them something is wrong.

Not so much on Connecting Singles, because they often delete bogus profiles within a few days, where other sites only only respond to reports when an administrator gets around to it and that's not too often. Sadly, one of my favorite places had a scammer using a stolen photo of a pornstar that I blogged about her anniversary being there. I must have reported that one 15 times including the site where the photo was stolen from!

I see a new profile appear yesterday that has a warning to women. It's a man in the photo and the profile is warning women of a profile using that photo. Unfortunately, the person trying to be helpful has the wrong gender. They should have created a profile of a man so it comes up on the correct search for women.

Anyway, it's a rainy morning and I have a few minutes to do a Public Service Announcement (PSA) and entertain you with some scammers I have found.
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