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This could have ended in a bad way!

Earlier today, while I was going to work, I began to feel weird. Like my bloodsugar was running low. In order to combat that, I ate some pain au chocolat's that I had in my carrier bag. It helped a little, but I was still not feeling my best.

When I arrived at my work, I immediately informed my manager, that I wasn't feeling well, and that things would go at a slower pace today, because of that.

Most managers I have worked with, have told me to suck it up and work through it, but this manager told me that I could take it in my own pace today, since there wouldn't be much for me to do. I was offered a large soda with endless refills, if I wanted that.

The fact is, that if I had decided not to eat those two Yankee bars, and drink that one pineapple soda, I would have had a real possibility of collapsing again. I did it once before at my old job. A day with no sugary things ended up with me collapsing on the floor, so to avoid that, I quickly ate and drank something with a LOT of sugar. After I took my break, where I consumed 5 cheeseburgers and 3 chili cheese tops, I felt back to normal again. That meant that the pace was increasing, and my mood was improving.

I am now at home, relaxing. It's 11.12 pm, so it's almost time to go to bed.

Apart from my lack of sugar, my day went well today. I can feel that I am getting better at my job, and that I am getting closer with the other employees. Roll on march 18th, so I can know if they want me there permanently!
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