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The Travelling Sofa

While out riding my bike the other day, I think I mentioned the sofa that someone had dumped in the middle of the gravel road. When I saw it, I laughed as I had visions of kids sitting on the sofa watching the blueberry fields because there was nothing on tv.

Well, you would have thought I'd dumped the sofa there with the reaction I got from a bunch of people. They started attacking me personally for posting the photo and finding some humour in the situation. Of course, I didn't respond as stupidity doesn't require or warrant a response.

Yesterday, one guy that consistently posts negativity on the community page, posted that he thought we needed a roundabout at one of our intersections. The intersection is just off a highway, so yes, people are driving relatively fast when they come off it. There's a park right at the corner, an A&W on the corner across the street, and two houses opposite, across the cross street. So they'd have to rip everything down to put up a roundabout.

Dumbest idea ever for that particular intersection.

Just to stir the pot a little, I took a screen shot of google's page, cut the sofa out of my photo, and pasted it into the screen shot in the middle of the intersection. In the same large font he'd used, I wrote "I think we need (on the top) a sofa at X & Y intersection' (on the bottom).

Lots of people had seen how stupid others got about my previous post, and I received all kinds of laughing emoji's and a few comments. Even the admin laughed at it. She'd had to turn off comments on my original sofa post because some people just couldn't control themselves. His post received 18 likes with some very valid comments, like it was not even feasible for the area.

This morning, his post is gone, so I'm presuming he deleted it himself. Mine is still up and still receiving laughing emoji's and likes. I'd venture to say he wouldn't have seen the humour in my most recent post, either.

I can't imagine taking yourself so seriously that you had no imagination and no ability to laugh at situations, or even yourself. Some people definitely need to get off the computer and go outside. Maybe chill on that sofa for awhile. rolling on the floor laughing
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