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Become famous - upset people. It's so today.

There’s a post on FB doing the rounds – the average Brit pensioner gets £79 a week, the average asylum seeker gets £350 a week, a free car, luxury housing, etc etc, share if you think this is a disgrace.

The FB friend who shared it is raging very mad and so are the other comments. It is, of course, a joke – or so the original poster would claim. No intention to spread false information, no no no. I posted a copy-paste from the UK govt website showing exactly what allowances an asylum seeker can claim (around 10% of the amount quoted), and also the current full state pension (more than double the figure quoted). The angry comments have stopped but I’m the party-pooper. People want to be angry. We live in a world where people want to be lied to, they love to be outraged.

The current potus is, by modern standards, the most successful in history. Whether people are fawning, mocking, or gobbling like turkeys with rage, he fulfils the modern need to a T. Everyone has heard of him, everyone has an opinion, and every other politician in the world seems to be acting out in the hope of getting as much attention. Never mind the quality, feel the width.

Get with the beat, Baggy. I may be gone a while, I am trying to work out my best way of cashing in on now that I have finally worked out how it's done

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