Name dropping brands and not products...

Achoo... please hand me a Kleenex.
Most of the time, it's tissue as Kleenex is a name brand.
I had a client give out her contact information and said she was giving me her iPhone number. You and I know this to be a cellphone. Telling me she had an Apple iPhone (for a cellphone) was an unnecessary name drop.

My Mercedes is parked out front. Oh, is that your car?

Last week ,I did a blog about Q-TIPS.
They are cotton swabs, but most people call them by the name brand.

"Would you like a Coke?"
"No, I'll have a Pepsi"

My grandmother always referred to a refrigerator as Frigidaire. That was the brand name she owned.
Putting things into perspective, my dad always called it an "Ice Box"

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