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After the things happening, I saw it. The visions came to me, of endless joy and happy days. Even my heart feels the innefable urge to pour in tears where my eyes catch a glimpse of, that pass under the train brige.. ¿Remember those times, M? ¿Remember those memories?

Iceland. Sweden. Green. Memories. Summer. Nature. Hopes. Loves. Stop. Please stop...

And of course, I always have to do these kind of things in order to set my brain free, helping it to release the exact and neccessary amounts of endorphines and other chemicals, forcing these hopes & memories to enter my bloodstream; to remind me of what I am made of, to make me want the things I once had, but never got.

At the same time Patagonia feeds this neccessity to have romance pour into my every minute. I am Argentinian. I am at home. I never need to leave home, yet the times I have lived pull my legs and my body into a state that I cannot deny: I am in love. In love with it all. In love with the hope to find it (her?) again...

Have you ever had that feelin that love passes you by in every corner in every street? I feel she is here, and there. The images inside my brain when I'm overdosed in life tell me the story of something about to happen. Fireplaces and love making are the essence to these dreams.

¿Will I ever get to make them true?
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