President Trump had a very good 2018

President Donald J. Trump has had a great 2018 but you would not know it if you listened to cable talking heads obsess about Roseanne Barr’s latest tweet or the latest “breaking news” coming from a White House press briefing. The media seems obsessed with gossip and conjecture about what is going on at the White House staff level while they ignore the growing number of landmark achievements of the Trump administration. This has been a great year so far and Americans can expect much more in the months to come.

When Mike Pompeo was confirmed to be secretary of State recently, he had already achieved much in his talks with North Korea to leverage a historic summit to discuss peace for that region of the world. Secretary Pompeo ended up garnering the support of many Democratic senators who are looking over their political shoulders this fall like Heidi Heitkamp (D-N.D.), Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.), Joe Donnelly(D-Ind.), Bill Nelson (D-Fla.), and Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.). Even these Democrats know that they must support the president or lose their jobs.
Historic tax cuts kicked in this year and Americans have more money to spend on housing, travel and food. On April 17, 2018, also known as “Tax Day,” President Trump wrote an editorial in USA Today promoting his tax cuts for all Americans: “ I signed one of the largest tax cuts in history and the most sweeping tax reform in a generation.” The corporate tax reform will keep jobs at home and make sure that more Americans are working this year.

April also saw the president reform welfare and end the practice of releasing illegal immigrants upon capture at the border. Early in April, the president issued an executive order on welfare reform promoting economic mobility that will encourage more people to enter the workforce. The president ordered a report to end the practice of “Catch and Release” with illegal immigrants and deployed the National Guard to the border to enhance border security. Both of these actions had to be taken by the executive branch because Congress has failed to take decisive action on reforming entitlement programs and fixing our broken immigration system.

The stealing of intellectual property by foreign governments was a hot issue in March, yet comparatively little was written about that issue by the media obsessed with palace intrigue. In March, the president announced steps to stop China from stealing American intellectual property. Also, in that month, President Trump announced efforts to protect America’s schools, including partnering the Department of Homeland Security with states to harden at-risk schools. The months of March and April were loaded with achievements that were largely ignored by journalists

More Americans are back at work this year. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that 2018’s average monthly job growth was the strongest since 1997 with 2.5 million jobs added to the U.S. economy. The most important issue for Americans is the creation of new jobs and stopping American jobs from going overseas. The U.S. economy is booming, yet one would have to go right to the White House website to read about this news, because the mainstream media is ignoring historic job growth enabled by President Trump’s business- and worker-friendly government policies.


Infrastructure was front-and-center this year, with the president announcing his detailed framework to rebuild American roads and bridges. In addition, the Trump administration rolled out an FY 2019 budget that saved $3 trillion over the next ten years for American taxpayers. During President Trump’s State of the Union, he spoke of his first-year accomplishments and provided a vision for a safe, strong and proud America going forward.
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