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flashing on blogs

- Bloodybrilliant flashed her arse three years ago, but was a newbie and got easily provoked once by Calypso, once by Berry.
- Calypso flashed her boobs only for the purpose of one of her sex blogs.
- CrazyHeart flashed her boobs and sexy pants, but she only got carried away after touching herself.
- Mimi wouldn't flash, but she just can't hold her pups in cups. She flashed her legs, though. did the modest Kalpataru , but only to ape a frog.
- Berry flashed her boobs in off-peak time, saying:
"....I've been such a good girl for too long...."
, but after that, she regained her composure... well, that's what she said.

Pity, blogs will never see sexy Usha being this naughty.
Can't remember any more flashing........
- Gypsy, Witchie and Legs were never shy. I must have missed some of theirs. Daniela must have flashed on some more prestigious site.
- and me, I was flashing my arse, legs, belly and boobs, more than a hundred times. I'm a terrible attention seeker, the top female flasher. How bloody awful disgusting.

But hey, there are few male flashers....
- OB flashed his chest. That was when he was most popular among women. Even Molly liked him.
- Mr Crave flashed his arse not so long ago, yet for some reason he never got popular like OB.
- There's still Parsnips arse to be seen on my "perfect moment" blog. At least he left something behind.
- And there was a pervert (Frediesomehow), posted his d*ck, scared the hell out of women here.

Now I'm off to shower myself carefully , not to wash away that whore sign of my forehead. I just love it.

laugh teddybear
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