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Where would you travel if money were not an issue?

I guess traveling is one of the greatest experience we could have as humans, I really enjoy traveling, just imagine the exotic places that exist all over the world and then imagine all the places that you could visit. All the places you could go! All the adventures you could have! Always you will find something new. It`s also a big challenge to communicate with people who don`t speak your language.
During June and July I visited Russia for the World Cup 2018 and Turkey. When I was planning my trip I thought 60 day were more than enough and at the end of my trip the time could`t allow to visit everything I wanted.
Sadly traveling is not cheap, at least for a Latino economy, that's why I ask to the bloggers... Where would you travel is money were not an issue? My answer is... I would travel to Thailand and if it is possible to some other Southeast Asian countries.
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